HP: Selling Logos and More

If you thought HP was simply a run of the mill computer and printer company. You’re right….until Tuesday.

Two days ago HP announced that it is buying Logo Works, one of the leading logo development companies for small businesses. Of course “leading logo company” is weird because there’s not a lot of “logo companies” competing in this space. The competitor is your logo printer, Kinkos, design firms and solo consultants who are designers.
Why is HP doing this? Does HP just want to sell logos do you?
No. HP knows that selling printers, computers and services is only one part of a successful equation. HP is looking at the small business marketing and finding smart solutions they can offer.
With the financial and marketing power of HP, Logo Works is going to be able to offer a full suite of design services to HP customers. Money will come from the sale of design services and also from HP customers printing the designs on their HP (HP’s preference) printers, on HP paper with HP ink, through HP computers.
Read the full press release here.