Let’s Have a Look at Wikis Again

There’s 2.5 levels of online adoptions by small business owners. There’s those who have a basic web site, those who are deep into blogs, rss feeds, wikis and other tools. Then there’s those somewhere in between.

Let’s get refreshed on wikis. If you want to collaborate with a team of people – be they your employees or the public, wikis are a good online tool to consider.
Wikis enable anyone you allow, to edit content you’ve published on your wiki powered web site. Wikipedia.org is probably the most famous. Smallbusiness.com is another example.
The Wall Street Journal wrote a review of Wetpaint, a free wiki tool and writes:
In less than five minutes, my own wiki ó a site devoted to discussing television programs, compiling digital photos and video clips from shows, all of which could be added to or deleted by anyone at any time ó was up and running. I noticed other Wetpaint wikis for organizing sports teams, assisting with dog rescues and discussing favorite books. Setup was divided into three steps playfully termed The Easy Part, The Fun Part and The Other Part.
For right now, a wiki is not something I’ll be creating as my collaboration needs are minimal. What I have found useful, however, is Google docs which enables you to share a word processed documents and spreadsheets with a team of people.<