Little League Baseball and the Hidden Costs of Technology

A few weeks ago I plunked down $55 each for my children to join the baseball team of my local community. I figured – that’s about all we’d have to pay.
Well a few hours ago I came out of Models and spent $200 more on bats, cleats, cups, gloves and balls. I could have spent more – trust me.
As I paid for everything, I realized, that this is what small businesses go through all the time with their technology purchases. Hidden charges.
You realize that your 15 computers are running very slow and decide to buy new ones. When you buy them, maybe you’ve spent about $22,500 you realized you should also buy new monitors – nice flat panel LCD ones.
Your computers are installed. Your new monitors are installed. You’re all ready to go. Your employees start using the new computers and guess what? Things are still quite slow. Why? Your software is old, buggy and slow and so is your network.
You upgrade your software and then realize your staff needs training on the new software. That’s MORE money out the door.
Since you have new software your support costs are going to increase as the new software takes more support.
I could go on.
When you consider purchasing technology it’s important to carefully consider what the hidden costs will be. You can’t predict the future, but before investing in technology, talk to your trusted technology consultant and/or the vendor you’re buying from and express your concern about hidden costs.
To be on the safe side, budget an extra 20% of the cost of the purchase for hidden costs.