M5 and SimulScribe: No More Voice Mail (as you know it)

Do you know what’s the worst part of having a cell phone? Accessing the voice mail.
With SMS you don’t have to dial-in, enter your password, save/delete, etc the voice mail messages. You also have to write down the message and quickly scribble the number when using voice mail. Having email or SMS – everything is there.
Wouldn’t it be great, however, if your voice mail came as text instead of voice?
Outsourced phone provider, M5 Networks partnered with SimulScribe to provide M5 customers with voice to text service for their voice mail.
M5 offers this functionality as part of its full-service voice solution. With this integration, M5 clients can use their email to instantly see their voicemail messages without the hassle of dialing into a voicemail system or having to play a file from their email, allowing for greater flexibility and increased functionality.
“M5’s focus is not on pushing more features down our clients’ throats, but rather offering them real solutions to their communication problems,” said Dan Hoffman, M5 President and CEO.
What does this mean to you?
1. Your telecom provider is going to be looking to offer you more solutions, beyond their core offerings, to make your life easier, in order to keep you as a customer and keep you from going to competitors.
2. Some of these services will be free and some will cost more.
Under the steady hand of Dan Hoffman, M5 has steadily grown. It’s quite well known in the NY area and is now expanding beyond NY.
My guess is you can expect to see more value added services from M5 and its competitors.