Maxtor Mini External Hard Disk – I love it’s simplicity

If I tell you a secret, you promise you won’t tell anyone? Promise?
For years, I never had a real backup system.
Sure, I’d back up occasionally and hope for the best. My most important data: contacts, calendar and to do list are on my PDA and frequently synchronized to my notebook. So it’s backed up by default.
However, data on my computer, such as financial information and other important things were not backed up as regularly as they should be.
Now they are.

I have a Maxtor OneTouch III Mini and it works well.
You touch one button, the only button on it, and it goes into action backing up your data. It’s back up features include backing up a particular hard drives from your PC or ensuring certain files/drives are always synchronized.
Another feature, System Rollback, restores your system to a point in time just before your system crashed, while keeping your current data safe and up to date.
The software it’s bundled with, Maxtor One Touch Manager, is easy to use. Basic but enough to get the job done.