MozyPro – What GE Is Doing in Backup and What You can Learn

Ensuring all the information on your computer’s is backed up is so important that General Electric is spending millions of dollars to ensure that all 300,000+ of its employees have their data backed up.

What service are they using?
A relatively new service MozyPro from Berkeley Data Systems, Inc.
What are you doing to ensure your data is backed up, all the time – every time?
I was alerted to this story first on Tech Crunch
Your backup strategy needs to include your servers and your computers. You want to take an image of your servers and computers and then backup individual files. This way if your computer/server needs to be restored you can use the image to restore the entire hard disk and then use the individual file backups to restore individual files.
Online backup is popular because people are tired of having to backup their data to removable media like tape or CD and then worry about where to store their data.