Office Interactive: CRM, Billing and Collaboration (plus – smart email and customization)

The barriers to entry for hosted applications providing services to small businesses is quite low. I read Inside Intuit and the struggles that Intuit went through to sell its software before the Internet and blogs were popular is so much different than it is today.
There’s many hosted applications available to small businesses and at times, it’s hard to know how they differ. This is why from time to time I like to hear from executives of these companies, what makes them different. WHY should a small business owner pick your business over that of another vendor.
Office Interactive sells billing/expense, collaboration and CRM services to small businesses and their CEO, Raz Choudhury answers some questions from me.
You’ll find two huge differentiating factors in Office Interactive: users can request product customization and smart email.
There are many services (Officelive, Googleapps, HyperOffice, WebEx’s WebOffice, etc) such as yours, on the market, how can smaller businesses know which one is for them?
Small businesses need a solution that they can grow with. They also need the ability to run their business efficiently using one centralized system.
Up until now, small businesses have relied on boxed-in solutions that do not offer full expandability or customization. These solutions often require the purchase of additional products to run core aspects of a business, such as billing and expense management.
The features and functionalities available in Office Interactive grew out of need. They are a true reflection of our experience in dealing with small businesses for over 10 years.
We believe that small businesses should have a voice in the solution that they receive. Our customers can signup with our on-demand solution that comes with built-in customization features and contact us if they need additional features with customization at the “code-level” for their specific account.
Email is such an important service, and there are so many providers of email services, not including ISPs and web hosts. Why would someone choose Office Interactive’s email service and not one from a provider who focused on email hosting?
We offer our customers the ability to consolidate e-mails from their different email accounts into one email client. Vast majority of all small business data comes from email, Office Interactive recognizes that and is the only one-system solution provider that allows users the ability to convert e-mail information into instant business information, such as leads, customers, problem tickets, etc.
If you ask a business owner what is the one job that best defines their daily activity, they will probably tell you it is that of a glorified mail man. Office Interactive respects these mail men and gives them the ability to tag, rate, flag, and enter search keywords for each email they receive.
OI Mail also has the unique ability to recognize emails from your leads, customers, contacts, team members, and people that you have been sent an email to, and automatically places their mail in a safe list folder. This unique function virtually eliminates spam and effortlessly organizes good emails from Inbox mails that are a mixture of emails from new contacts, auto-generated mails, newsletters, and of course spam.
How do you define CRM. Some might view CRM as storing contact information. Some might view it as knowing who bought what, when and how to maximize the purchase into moirÈ dollars. Can you speak to this issue?
We see CRM from the eyes of a small business owner. CRM should allow a business owner the ability to get a full picture of their business. Unfortunately, most CRM solutions in the market are modeled after CRM solutions that have been used by large enterprises and only offer a partial view of an active business. OI CRM solution will not only give you a 360∞ view of your customer it will also tell you if there are any unpaid invoices from a customer, as well as recent calls and emails to and from that customer.
“Office Interactive” – has Microsoft ever asked you to change your name as it could infringe on what trademark they have of “Office”
Office Interactive, Inc. owns the trademark for Office Interactive. The name was published for Opposition and there were no objections. Companies such as Microsoft house trademark lawyers who are aware of such publications and would object if there were reasonable grounds. Fact of the matter is that there are many software companies with the word office in their name, and the word office alone is not trademarked by Microsoft.

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