An Overview of Blogging Services / Software

Building your web site is pretty easy. There’s dozens of tools (online services and software) you can purchase to do this.
If you decided you want basic, static, web site. Go no further. However, if you want to infuse rich information and content to your audience, a blog is the way to go.
There’s many blogging tools available. Some are similar, some are different but there’s at least one that will meet your needs.
I’ve been using for many years. It’s simple, but effective. However it does not offer the robust features of other services.
Typepad, Word Press and Movabletype are other services – for businesses. MSN, Yahoo and AOL have services as well. I put together a review, for Cnet, for many of these services here. has an extensive review here.
Choosing a blogging platform is only one half of the process. You also have to think about the content of your blog. If you’re only going to do it, once per month – it’s not a “blog”. You should try to add fresh content to your blog on a weekly basis – at a minimum.
Blogging is not hard, but if you want to grow your audience
– provide links to others,
– encourage links from others,
– don’t be afraid to mention your competition,
– use plenty of links,
– write from your heart,
– be honest,
– keep things fun.
Have a nice blog? Let me know about it.