Remote Backup Services: Be Careful of Your Backup Plan

I was in the process of helping somebody select a backup system for their business and one solution I thought of, was a remote backup solution, through an online backup service. Small Biz Resource writes about these services here.
However, one thing to keep in mind is that if your entire server goes down, what you really want is an IMAGE of your hard disk and/or a server with an exact copy of what your now “down” server had. This way you can quickly get back in business.
Without a hard disk image of your data, you’ll have to a) install each program and then b) install the individual files. Even then, your data might not be exactly as it with.
For a non “system critical” computer, you might not need an image, as just re-installing the software and user’s files might do the trick.
But for a server, you’ll probably want it to be restored “as is”.
When backing up your data, remember, ensure the data that is backed up is not in the same location as the source data. Depending on where you live and how safe you want to be, you might also want to ensure the data is taken “far away” from the source.
If you live in New Orleans it might make sense to store a copy of your data each week or each day in Houston. You could add another layer of security by using an online backup service.
One advantage of hosted applications is that your data and its associated “application” is all hosted somewhere else.