SitePal: Now In a Power Point Near You

I recently attended a presentation by my friend Marshal a partner at eSlide. eSlide specializes in making Power Point presentations look great.
His presentation guided us through what are some of the problems with business presentations (I’m sure you’ve seen many) and what are the solutions.
The key of great presentation is a great speaker and using the presentation to support what you are saying. If your presentation is not well designed, at best your audience will be confused.
I’m excited to let you know that SitePal’s avatar’s are now able to be embedded in Power Point with a plug-in. Talk about breathing “life” into your next presentation.
“Speaking SitePal characters can make your presentation more interactive and further engage your audience,” said Adi Sideman, CEO of Oddcast, the company that created SitePal. “The technology requires little to no technical know-how and can deliver the key speaking points for a PowerPoint presentation even when you are not there in person.”
To display the talking character within the presentation users need to be connected to the Internet. To see an example of what the plug-in is capable of log on to
Here’s my SitePal Avator: