Smart Online’s Online Tools: What Will You Choose.?

Smart Online bundles over 20 applications in its offering. It sells these services for $50 per month for up to 5 users.
I was reminded of Smart Online’s service after reading about their deal with Citybizlist.
Reading through the list of offerings you can tell that Smart Online has a lot to offer. However, as you read through things like accounting, lead management, inventory, marketing plan writer and more, I wonder what tools are best?
Should your business rely on the “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” approach Smart Online offers, or instead pick best in breed solutions. Let me make it more clear – should you use a product like Marketing Plan Pro or use the marketing tool that Smart Online offers.
Should you use Smart Online’s accounting tool or go with Quickbooks, Sage or Microsoft Accounting?
For some businesses, it’s a tough choice. For others the choice is simple.
Smaller businesses, just starting out and with no technical history could easily use Smart Online’s service. However, those who have used Quickbooks for years would probably tend to use Quickbooks and not switch accounting programs.
Another thing you have to seriously consider is your growth. Can the tool you are using or want to use grow with you? Does the software you use now integrate with tools you’ll use in the future.