Storage: The Options are Limitless

HP recently announced the HP StorageWorks 1200 All-in-One Storage System (HP AiO1200). HP stats that “unlike competing offerings, this integrated system is designed for IT generalists who have no storage expertise.”
SMC issued a press release that reads SMC Networks announced the first in its new line of products that leverage the company’s networking expertise to provide high-performance storage systems to the SMB and home markets: TigerStore SMB NAS Storage Servers.
HP’s press release continues, The HP AiO1200 provides customers with increased storage density in a 2U form factor. The high-performance controller in a 12-drive array allows storage to be allocated at a highly granular level depending on business demands. Unlike competitive offerings, the All-in-One Storage Manager features mixed drive support, which lets customers leverage the cost efficiencies of serial ATA (SATA) with the speed and reliability of serial-attached SCSI (SAS).
SMC writes Designed for versatility, performance, ease of use and true reliability, the new SMCNAS04 has four SATA drive slots to accommodate up to 3TB of storage, and the SMCNAS24 has four 250GB drives built-in for a full terabyte of storage right out of the box. Both are available through SMC’s network of resellers and VARs at suggested retail prices of $599.99 and $999.99, respectively.
Hmmm, so how in the world can you determine which vendor’s solution is best for you?
Both SMC and HP have solid histories of providing storage to their customers. Best thing – talk to your local reseller. If they are an “HP” reseller, they’ll probably steer you to HP. If they are an “SMC” reseller, they’ll steer you to SMC.
If you trust your reseller to do what’s best for you, ask them about the competing offering and let them help you make the right decision.
Want more confusion? StoreVault and EMC also make storage solutions for small businesses.
Small Biz Resources has a nice review of online storage options here.