Stun! Reach Your List of Customers through Email, Fax, Voice, SMS, Direct Mail…one interface

Recently someone from mobileStorm emailed me to pitch me on using their services. As I was looking through their web site, I realized what a neat tool for you all – hence I’m sharing it with you.

Let’s say you’ve been doing a lot of things right and have amassed a database of email address, faxes, cell phone numbers, and mailing address. How in the world do you efficiently send out messages (marketing or otherwise) to the contacts in your database.
You could use a tool like Constant Contact for email, send the faxes via a faxing services or Symantec Winfax, send out an SMS message via one of a number of services and work with your printer to mail out a direct mail campaign.
mobileStorm’s solution provides ONE interface from which you can send out a message (or messages) to your entire list of contacts.
All customers are NOT the same and have preferences in how they wish to receive information. While many customers want a fax, some might prefer only SMS messages. Maybe the message is so important that only voice will do.
The interface contains three sections:
– Campaign Management – Use our streamlined Web-based interface to quickly manage and deploy campaigns within a manner of minutes
– Subscriber Management – Avoid the headaches of trying to manage thousands of subscribers by letting Stun! take care of this for you with our automatic bounce processing and database management tools.
– Reporting – Find out how your overall database is performing as well as specific campaigns with our comprehensive set of reporting and analysis options. From open and click-through rates to subscriber and demographic reports, Stun! gives complete perspective of your digital marketing efforts.
Up to 10,000 messages per month cost: email is $75 per month, SMS is $800, voice is $1,000, fax is $1,000.
These costs appear quite competitive and economical. If mobileStorm can help boost your sales, don’t look at this like a cost but look at it as an investment in growing your revenues and sales.

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