Technology Concierge for Office Buildings

ITelagen, a provider of flat-rate virtual IT services, announced the debut of Technology Concierge, a program that enables tenants in office buildings to enjoy the same level of immediate, professional IT repair and support found at large companies. Building managers and leasing agents are endorsing the new service, now available in select Manhattan office buildings, saying that it is a useful amenity and a valuable addition to any commercial property’s services.
ITelagen has long provided a core service in which small-to-medium sized businesses receive IT supportóboth remote and onsite, as well as Anti-Virus, data backups and other servicesófor a flat-rate fee.
You have many options when considering how to get technology solutions for your business. ITelagen’s solution is pretty innovative. Having an IT support person on site. In most scenarios you have to call your local IT consultant and he comes or sends someone. In this case, the tech is on site.
With Technology Concierge, ITelagen places a technician on-site, available on short notice. Not only is the technician available to respond quickly to solve problems, but also, because the service is flat-rate, no per-visit charge is applied.
“Growing businesses such as law and medical practices, media firms, architects and others, often feel they must settle for second-class IT support because they can’t afford a full-time IT staff. ITelagen’s Technology Concierge gets around the problem,” said Bill Kurnath, ITelagen Executive Director. “This new program is an elegant solution because it provides highly trained, professional IT specialists to tenants as if they were on their staff.”
ITelagen’s Technology Concierge program is customized to meet the specific needs of its tenant subscribers. Although tenants bear the costs of Technology Concierge, many building managers are endorsing the program. “This is a very attractive offering because it solves an important problem for smaller tenants,” said Wesley Rudes, a long-time Manhattan commercial leasing agent and Executive Managing Director for Murray Hill Properties, Inc. “Technology Concierge can be a valuable competitive advantage when a potential client is weighing their final decision on a space.”