Ultra Mobile Computing – What Are Your Options

Earlier today I was walking in Manhattan and noticed someone using Verizon’s LG enV phone. This is the clam shell phone that opens up with a keyboard inside.

I was reading earlier today something from Cnet about UMPC’s – ultra mobile PCs and thought what does someone purchase who wants a very light computer, but find that a PDA / smart phone is too simplistic for them and doesn’t enable them to run Windows applications.
Pocket sized PC’s are nice and small but I think they’re too small for any serious use. Smartphones – you can talk on the phone and peck to send a few emails, view emails and browse the web if you need to.
UMPCs are fully powered computers but their 4.5″ – 7″ screen size makes the screen on many of them way to small to view a full Windows screen (start button and etc) and applications. Keyboards on these devices look cute, but do you really want to type 500 – 1000 words on a teeny tiny keyboard.
One option is to carry an external keyboard and hope for a monitor when you land to extend the footprint of your computing experience.
FlipStart has a pretty neat UMPC and a very slick web site. At $2,000, you’ve got to really NOT want a 4 – 7lb traditional notebook and not want a PDA to buy one.

I’m sure some people have their PDA / smartphone, a notebook and a UMPC…but those are the ultra road warriors and gadget freaks.