Using Simple Email Tactics to Generate Recurring Revenue

How many times have your walked into your local retailer and were never asked for an email address? I bet this has happened just about every time. Right?
If YOUR business is a local retail establishment that relies on walk in foot traffic being able to market to your customers and get them to return is so important. You can increase your monthly revenue.
Sure, you can put the signs up on the wall, call customers, and hope they take a brochure when you leave.
But what if you had their email addresses and interests in a customer profile database?
Clickz gives an example of how a fitness club could use the power of email. Why not try an e-mail solution? First, the club collects e-mail addresses for all members, saving boatloads of dollars on direct mail and postage. Next, it builds a customer database to track member profiles and their training regimen. Then, it creates a series of relevant e-mail communications to remind members of training sessions. The club could also produce a newsletter, with personalized diet, exercise, and supplement (available at the club) suggestions for each member.
Considering fancy web sites, RSS feeds, blogs and podcasts is GOOD. However, don’t ignore the humble, but powerful use of email in business.
A well written email newsletter will be anticipated by the recipients and you’ll find that your email newsletter will trigger their interest to patronage your business again and again.
Using a tool like Constant Contact (which I use) is an easy way to get started.