vFlyer: Classified Advertising For the Digital World

Classified advertising is a big, big market. Right now, the huge chunk of classified advertising appears to be consumer to consumer and less business to business.
However, if you are a small business owner and you have something to sell – maybe it’s excess inventory you want to sell as efficiently as possible. Right?

vFlyer has got an awesome platform to make it as easy as possible for you to create a classified advertisement, distribute it through several classified channels or through your own distribution network, and embed the vFlyer on other web sites and blogs.
You can also track the success of your flyer and know where people have seen it at.
On Thursday vFlyer announced a new service – for mobile users. vFlyer Mobile enables business account users with a Web-enabled mobile device to access, view and distribute their flyers to prospective buyers via SMS or email messages.
According to Forrester Research, online classifieds are expected to generate $3.1 billion in sales this year, up 17 percent jump from last year and are expected to reach $4.7 billion by 2010.
eBay is of course the biggest (or at least one of) player in the online classified marketplace. BuyerZone has been around for years and is an excellent, superb place for businesses to find business products and services.
You input what you need into the BuyerZone system and vendors COMPETE for your business.
Of course Yahoo Classifieds, NY Times and so many others have huge classified advertising opportunities as well.
If you can use a service like vFlyer to create ONE classified advertisement that can be used in several different media you’ll save time and also be able to track the success and failure of your classified advertisements.