Web Marketing 101: The Fundamentals – Homestead.com CEO Speaks out

There’s one thing about Justin Kitch, CEO of Homestead.com that I don’t like. He doesn’t blog enough!
When he does blog it’s rich thought and information. His latest blog post is “Web Marketing 101: The Fundamentals”.
He writes 5 key points:
What need are your fulfilling?
Who’s need are you fulfilling?
What’s your cost of customer acquisition (CPA)?
What’s the lifetime value of your customer (LTV)?
Are you maximizing the lifetime profit of your customers?
He writes – These are the five basic questions I ask before starting to advise businesses on growth strategies. If you want to “play along” then spend some time answering these questions before I post Web Marketing 102: Online Lead Generation. Understand your business’s CPA, LTV and COGS, and you’re half way to building a thriving business (BTW, you’re also half way to your MBA if you can spout these acronyms!).
Read his full post here.