Web Site & Blogging 101….the evolution continues

USA Today wrote two articles, one on building web sites and one on blogging that you should take a look at if you’re not yet convinced about blogging or know that your web site is – too put it mildly miserable.
If you’re tired of the tired look of your web site, you could consider using one of the many, template based online services to redo your web site. Or you could hire a web designer to give your site a face lift.
Doing it yourself is a good option if you have time, are smart, technically savvy and patient. Getting someone else to do it for you, can be pricey – but worth the effort.
What about blogs. I’m not sure if everyone MUST have a blog but I think everyone should definitely consider having one.
USA Today writes Sign-maker Joseph Iles, 37, has been blogging for two years at his Lincoln Sign Co. in Lincoln, N.H. And he’s already seen a payoff. Iles attributes $33,000 in sales last year, or about 10% of total revenue, to customers he found through his Signs Never Sleep blog.
“If you can send an e-mail, you can do a blog,” he says. “It’s simple.”

Blogs do a few things a) help boost your search engine rankings b) make it easy for you to update your web site with fresh content c) provide you with an archive of content (imagine you’ve been blogging for 3 years about home construction – you know how 2 years worth of information about home construction for you, your customers and prospective customers).
LinkedIn and other social network sites are a part of this equation and USA Today writes “Within a few weeks (of setting up a LinkedIn profile), I had appointments with people, and I was getting business out of it instantly,” Dour said. “I know I’m not going to lose contact with them now, like I did in the past. Once you have a lifetime client, it really energizes you to ‘wow’ them.”
Professionals are split on the value of a MySpace account. For some businesses, especially if they’re marketing music, bands, fashion or trendy arts, such as tattoos, the global social-networking site is useful in attracting customers, particularly those younger than 30. But for other businesses, a presence on MySpace, which includes millions of non-professional photos and information, might hurt credibility.