Calling the Experts: Outsourcing What Someone Else Can do Better

I’m beginning to learn, slowly, that I should outsource to others what I don’t have the expertise or the time to do myself. Why should I spend hours a day mailing out documents, for example, when I can hire someone else, for much less than my own time is worth, to do this.

The other, and very important aspect of outsourcing is letting others outsource things that they are experts in and you are not. The WSJ’s Business Link section covers this, this week.
They profile several businesses and give some great advice on how you can outsource your technology.
Fortunately there are many companies that will manage the entire technology infrastructure for you. From repairs, to keeping your technology fresh, to security, and more.
One excerpt from the site reads, “If it’s not in our core competency, then that function can be outsourced.”. The do’s and dont’s of outsourcing is a must read and will keep you from outsourcing the wrong way.
One of the tips includes Don’t breeze through reference checks. Do more than a cursory check of three referrals. Mr. Horowitz encourages clients to ask for at least 10 references — and to choose those most aligned with their industry or particular needs. Find out what worked about the relationship and what didn’t.
Security is an area that every small business should seriously consider outsourcing. Many, managed service providers, that manage your network and computers, include security as part of the package. If you already have a handle on your network and computers and/or are not quite ready to outsource this aspect of your business, at least consider outsourcing the security aspect of your business.
Whether you have an online business or “just a” traditional network, including mobile users, you really should have experts manage your security. Hackers work 24/7 and are experts in how to break your network and steal your data. It’s best that you concentrate on what you do best and let others do what they do best – defeating hackers and securing your network.

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