Can Your Hosted Application Do This?

The nice thing about hosted applications is that you don’t have to install any software. You and your staff or partners can access the data and the application with only a web browser.
The problem, however, is that if you are not online you can’t access your data. Zimbra creator of an ever popular email, calendar and desktop hosted collaboration suite is blended the world of hosted application and desktop client.
ZD Net writes By equipping it’s Web-client with offline capabilities, Zimbra has put itself within reach of a Holy Grail that many said couldn’t be found. Other vendors with similar interests and with the sorts of resources that dwarf those of Zimbra ó companies like Google who will want the off-line problem solved for their own Web-apps as well ó can’t be far behind.
The next time you’re shopping for a hosted application, or even as a challenge to your current provider ask them what solution they have in place for when you are not connected to the internet.