Data Backup: The Options are Growing

When it comes to solutions to backup your data, there are so many options available to you. Today, Verio announced that it is launching a PC Data Backup service through viaVerio business partners.

Although backup has been preached over and over again my many of us in the media, small businesses still do not backup their data like they should.
According to Verio’s press release, Verio’s PC Data Backup service includes a simple user interface and enables users to back up PC laptops and desktops and to view backups as they occur via the installed application. Ideal for solution providers that serve businesses with limited IT resources, the solution is a cost-effective way to ensure data is always secure and restored on Verio’s systems. The service can be initiated with a fast and easy client-agent setup that customers download, and includes 24×7 management, as well as Verio’s round-the-clock customer support.
PC based services from HP, FarStone Technology’s, Dantz, Maxtorand dozens of others are options as well. Backing up your PC and server to a CD, tape drive or external hard drive ensures that your data is close at hand if you need it.
However, if your entire office building, home or town is in trouble, due to some catastrophe you’ll want to ensure that your data is out of the trouble zone. This is where online backup is handy. Carbonite, eVault, Backupmyinfo and other services come in handy.
To read more about managing information and protecting data, visit and check out the “Storage Solutions for Small Businesses” and “Managing Customer Information: Learn How to Build Business Using Customer Data” articles n Dell’s web site.
If you need access to your data, from anywhere on earth, having your data backed up online makes it easily accessible, through the Internet from anywhere.
Available immediately to all viaVerio partners worldwide, Verio’s PC Data Backup is offered in conjunction with industry leader Iron Mountain. Businesses primarily backing up word processing documents and simple spreadsheets or financial information can choose from plans offering 1GB, 2GBs or 10GBs of backup, while businesses that need to secure larger media files, digital photographs, or higher volumes of data can choose a plan offering 30 GBs of backup storage.
Verio is offering the first month of service free to resellers for a limited time.