Fortune Small Business: No Phone, No Windows, New Wireless Data

Fortune Small Business writes that your PC experience is not the same as it was a few years ago. For readers who are early adopters, you know this already, but bear with me – there are many “tech-traditionalist” small businesses who don’t know this.
Traditional telephone systems are gone. You can use a “poor man’s phone system” and use Skype, or use a service like Gotvmail, Talkswitch or M5. Each of these three services fulfills a different need.
The article advocates that you also don’t need Windows, I’m not so sure. I think Windows software and the accompanying operating system and Office Suite are still important but to a lesser degree.
Wireless mobility is exploding. WiMax aims to offer a farther and more powerful reach than WiFi. It’s going to be explosive when it matures.
You can also read this Fortune round up.

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