Google Adds Security with Green Border

Google announced on Monday that it has purchased Green Border Technologies.
Green Border, literally adds a green border around web pages you are looking at to indicate that you are working in a safe online environment.
Google’s announcement reads GreenBorder developed “an easy solution to virus, spyware, and trojan threats by isolating each Internet session from the rest of the PC and earlier Internet sessions. The beauty of the Green Border Pro software is it doesn’t need to be updated to guard against new virus signatures or new types of malware. It creates a secluded, virtual Internet session and when you are done, it flushes everything away, in your cache and in temporary files.”
It’s quite simple and effective. But why is this announcement so important?
It gives an enlightened view into the direction Google is heading.
It’s more than just online advertising and a software suite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. From what I can read, Google is a software and advertising company.
The advertising side is quite clear – selling banner and text advertisements on hundreds of thousands of web sites (millions?).
On the software side, Google has pumped out dozens of software tools – some fee, most free. Google Earth, Gmail, Google Apps and so many others provide a wealth of productivity software for consumers and business. I use many Google products, often by choice but sometimes by “force”. Google ends up buying many of the services I use – like they’re recent purchase of Feedburner.
What Google is doing is building an operating system for the Internet – enabling one to be able to do everything (or as much as possible) online with only a PC (or smartphone) necessary – Rregardless of the operating system or browser type.
I would not be surprised if Google also purchased an online accounting program. It would be quite interesting if Google licensed Intuit’s suite of software in three key areas: Personal finance (Quicken), Business finance (Quickbooks), Tax (Turbo Tax).