Google Admits: It’s About Software Too (not just eyeballs)

Those of us who follow these things, knew that Google was more than just a company selling eyeballs to advertisers. We knew and know that Google wants to be a leader in the field of hosted applications. It wants to ensure that it’s applications – not others – are market leaders.
It’s leading in some, far behind in others – but time and money are on its side.
Reuters writes “The idea here is to talk about this shift to an online lifestyle,” Schmidt said of the company’s growing focus on delivering Web-based applications, not just search and ads.
What does this mean to you? Well for now, it really doesn’t mean that much. However, going forward as you consider the core software for your business – business applications (Word Processing, etc), email hosting and others – Google is going to be a viable option.
There’s several smaller, sometimes younger companies offer services and then there’s Google. Which company will serve your next set of hosted applications?
Google Earth, for example, is a powerful application that you can integrate into various aspects of your business. Imagine using Google earth to map the locations of your clients and/or offices. What a powerful, visual presentation at the next client meeting you attend. Showing them the spinning globe and where your company has a presence.
Read the full Reuters story here.

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