IBM’s WebSphere – Keeps Refreshing Itself

Building your entire business on the platform of one company, can be dangerous if that company is not updating its software to meet your needs and provided value added service and features.
IBM WebSphere is a foundation that enables businesses to build their entire software enterprise upon. Wikipedia writes that WebSphere is designed to set up, operate and integrate e-business applications across multiple computing platforms using Web technologies.

For very small businesses WebSphere’s probably more than you need, but as your business and its needs grow, as you become maybe even a “mid size business”, you’ll need a solution that can grow with you and offer you an integrated solution. WebSphere does this quite well.
In April, IBM announced that WebSphere was being updated to include more Web 2.0 tools and customization known as business accelerators. Also available is IBM Portlet for Google Gadgets that allows end users to integrate consumer-style web utilities, extending the value of Internet services to business environments. Here’s some snips from their announcement:
The five business accelerators include:
Dashboard Accelerator – provides flexible tools and a framework for assembling dynamic dashboards and scorecards linking strategic objectives to real-time performance information.
Collaboration Accelerator – includes features that drive increased team collaboration tools that help improve productivity.
Self-Service Accelerator – provides an intuitive user experience to self-service capabilities such as orienting new employees, viewing paycheck and tax information, managing personal information, and initiating and managing career transactions.
Content Accelerator – enables customers to build and manage high value websites, intranets, extranets, and portals with advanced search services.
Enterprise Suite Accelerator – delivers an integrated solution of content, advanced search services, collaboration, and dashboard accelerators, as well as forms and offline client support.
IBM Dashboard Accelerator provides a way for companies to align objectives, view real time business results, and take action on performance gaps. The Dashboards are customizable and can be tailored to any industry. For instance, an energy company can build an emissions dashboard for plant operators showing real time emissions from the different utility devices as well as a scorecard that monitors performance against a set of objectives to help comply with regulatory requirements.
WebSphere Portal also includes expanded support for Web 2.0 technologies that provides users with popular features such as enhanced interactivity and responsiveness, in-line editing, intuitive drag and drop features, and intelligent page refresh. New Web 2.0 tooling means organizations can easily deploy high performing, intuitive applications, satisfying end users’ expectations for a rich browser experience. IBM’s WebSphere Portal is the industry leading enterprise portal that offers extensive support for Web 2.0 technologies, including Ajax (Asynchronous Java + XML) and support for Representational State Transfer services (REST). These technology advances make portals more responsive and user-friendly than traditional Web applications.