In-Stat: Users’ Misunderstandings Regarding Wireless Security Place Corporate Databases at Risk

Market Research Firm In-Stat has a new report out (cost $2,000) about wireless security. I don’t think you need to buy the report, it’s focused on large businesses in any case, but the purpose of sharing this with you is to make you AWARE of the threats and challenges regarding wireless security.

Despite widely held perceptions to the contrary, for most practical purposes, the wireless environment is no more or less secure than the wireline environment, reports In-Stat.
Many users are concerned with security problems based upon technology that has generally, although not universally, been replaced, the high-tech market research firm says. The implication for large corporate users is that many need to assume corporate liability for wireless devices that access their computer systems; not just for billing, but also for access to data systems.
The greatest threats today are mostly within the control of the end-users, such as not losing their equipment and taking care to change passwords and default settings. This exposes critical company data applications, not just email, to unauthorized access.
“Based upon the results of our end-user survey, a majority of users overestimates the risk, misunderstands the security threats that do exist, and looks for protection from sources that cannot help,” says Bill Hughes, In-Stat analyst. “A majority are concerned about Electronic Serial Number (ESN) theft through the ‘cloning’ of their phone’s information and the ability of stalkers to track their location. But carriers addressed these situations as far back as a decade ago.”
Recent research by In-Stat found the following:
– Smartphone users lose their devices 40% more often than mobile phone users.
– Too many organizations allow users to decide what technology they will use for mobile data, regardless of security implications.
– Carriers should differentiate their offerings through security training for their customers.
The research, “Mobile Security 2007: End Users Are Losing It”
(#IN0703622MBM), covers the state of mobile voice and data security.
It provides analysis of security risks and what has been done to reduce these risks. It also contains results from In-Stat’s end-user survey on mobile voice and data security. Suggestions on what businesses and carriers can do to make mobile communication more secure are provided.
Get more information on the report here.