Linux: The Other Operating System

My hesitance towards Mac is almost gone. So many people, non-techies are simply gushing at how wonderful their Mac’s are. I wish people had the same experience about Windows – but they don’t. Maybe Windows Vista is an aesthetic improvement, but I’m not sure.
With the buzz about Dell offering Linux, instead of Windows as an option for some of its computers it’s time to revisit the issue of Linux.

Image from “Is Desktop Linux a Fraud”
For just about all of the small business owners reading this, Linux is NOT for you. Stick with Windows. If you want to use the common applications you can buy from Staples, Office Depot or some other retailer, a Windows computer is the best and only choice.
However, if you have specific reasons for using Linux and have staff on-premise or for hire Linux is a viable option. It’s not just a geeky interface.
USA Today writes A Windows or Mac user would feel quickly at home, and would enjoy some of Linux’s nicer features, such as my favorite: multiple desktops you can switch among.
And Windows has nothing on Adept, Linux’s add and remove programs feature. It doesn’t just help you remove unwanted programs. It also gives you access to hundreds of pieces of software ó from simple games to powerful office applications ó stored in online libraries called repositories. It’s like having a huge software store at your fingertips, where everything is free.

For your network servers, especially for file sharing, Linux is just fine. There are so many appliances and network software suites (Nitix is one solution) that are Linux based and will do wonders for your small business network.
When buying technology – cost savings is one consider – but by no means make it the most important consideration. If one server costs $1,500 and another server costs $2,000. Saving $500 but having tons of crashes, lack of support and a bad overall experience is NOT worth $500.
Of course if you are buying 30 computers and there’s a price difference of $500 between two choices – saving $15,000 is really something to consider.

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    Linux is the way of the future! More people should invest in it and it will pay off in time to come.

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