Making Printing from the Web Easier: HP Gets it

When there’s a lot of buzz and innovation (perceived or real) in the marketplace, it’s hard to sometimes see what technologies are important and which ones are not. Sometimes, it’s the simplest innovations, however, like printing that are most needed by end users. I tip my hat to HP.
When going to information rich sites like blogs or travel sites, one thing everyone wants to do is print. When there’s a nice article or long list of directions or itineraries, you just have to print it. Often when you print it you get blank pages and pages that don’t print out properly.
HP is working with companies to change this. There’s other innovations as well.
HP’s press release reads HP also has teamed with leading weblog software and services company SixApart, Ltd., creators of Movable Type, the world’s most advanced blogging platform, to enable bloggers to add a “print” button on their blogs. Movable Type powers many of the world’s most popular blogs, including and, which will feature printing functionality. The new blog-printing “widget” on these sites will allow readers to pick and choose the posts they want to print, and skip those they don’t. The blog printing plug-in for Movable Type is currently in beta release and is expected to become widely available to users by June 29 here.
HP also plans to introduce the Tabblo Print Toolkit, an embeddable website widget and corresponding web service that enables web designers to incorporate print functionality into new and existing websites. The toolkit is based on custom template technology developed by Tabblo, a company HP acquired in March, that allows users to simply and efficiently arrange content for printing. The Tabblo Print Toolkit is expected to become available by June 29 here.

In addition to enabling people to print from web sites easier HP has added eight imaging and printing solutions to its enterprise portfolio targeted to customers in the higher education, public sector, retail, transportation/logistics and financial services industries. Designed to streamline information workflows and reduce costs, these applications offer customers industry-specific expertise and a single point of contact for a simplified sales process, service and support.
HP lead the birth and growth of printing, it now continues leadership through online printing.