Marketing in the Google Era: 40+ page report – FREE

Kraig Swensrud, senior director of marketing products at has been studying Google’s marketing solutions for years and has developed some key findings to help marketers adapt to “Marketing in the Google Era.”

Kraig built what is now known as, Salesforce for Google AdWords, a product that lets marketers run, manage, and measure their search marketing campaigns on Google without ever leaving the Salesforce application. While these tips are useful to any marketers, they can mean the difference between success and failure for a small company.
Kraig recently described in his blog what’s at stake for marketers in this new era:
“As marketing dollars and advertising spend has shifted from Madison Avenue to Amphitheatre Parkway, marketers can measure almost every aspect of the performance of their marketing programs in real-time. One of the potential effects of this Ö is a potentially overwhelming amount of statistical information… If you get lost in a sea of stats, and lose track of what is important, it is very easy to miss your targets, which in the b2b world is likely along the lines of pipeline, revenue, and profitability.”
I highly encourage you to visit Kraig’s blog – and download this substanive and information rich report.
His report covers:

  • Invest in your web properties
  • Invest in search marketing
  • Make your message relevant
  • Create landing pages for each project
  • Measure everything in real-time
  • Use the web for PR
  • Engage your community