Marshal’s Security Software: Moving from Software to Appliance

Marshal, a provider of email and Internet security software announced that they are providing businesses with an additional security solution. An appliance, Marshal Security Appliance MailMarshal eIOOOO based on its MailMarshal SMTP software.

I get email all the time from spammers and hackers.
The email from spammers I’ve learned to deal with and my ISP blocks most of the spam. The email from hackers is what I really hate.
Maybe you’ve received the emails announcing that you’ve received a post card from someone. If you click on the link, however, you get directed to some site that tries to steal your data or offer you porn.
Marshal announced that the MailMarshal eIOOOO provides content protection as well as a defense against malware, making it ideal for companies that prefer the convenience of appliance hardware but require comprehensive content security at the gateway perimeter. More than just a point solution, the Marshal Security appliance provides deep content inspection as well as protection against security threats including: spam, phishing, viruses, spyware, fraud, porn, DHA, DOS, regulatory non-compliance and intellectual property theft.
I’ve asked Marshal why they offered an email appliance and not just software. Keep your eye on this space for the answer.
Why move to appliance from software?
Ed Macnair, CEO of Marshal answers:
“Marshal strongly believes that high performance, scalable and customizable software will continue to be the backbone for companies needing secure and comprehensive content management at the email and Web gateway, regardless of size or delivery platform. Having listened to our customers’ and market needs, Marshal has mobilized and optimized its products and strategy to meet those needs. We are leveling our product playing field in order to offer a complete suite of solutions and delivery platforms that include an appliance-based solution and a hosted security service solution via service providers – in addition and complementary to our flagship email and Web content filtering software.”