Maximizing Technology With Creativity and Thinking

On Monday, Jim Blasingame, Small Business Advocate, and I were discussing the Wall Street Journal article that wrote about why small businesses don’t need web sites (I wrote about the article in length here).

We spoke about how web sites are such an invaluable tool for business and yes a MUST.
Jim brought up a great idea that small businesses could use to encourage visitors to their web sites, in essence to use their sites as TOOLS…beyond just as digital brochures.
His idea was to put a daily number on your web site and let your customers know that if they bring in this number they can get a discount or some gift. This is a simple solution (any programmer can do it for you), but it can bring additional business to your retail store or online store.
Radio Shack recently announced that it will offer free shipping to customers who have products delivered to Radio Shack stores. This is another way to use an existing resource, a retail store, combined with a “high-tech resource”, your web site – for enhanced business.
This does two things for Radio Shack:
1. It let’s customers order expensive technology but not have to worry about missing the courier delivery.
2. When customers come into Radio Shack to pick up their products – I’m sure Radio Shack will up-sell them on additional products and services.
What about you? Can you, your staff or tech adviser – think of low cost and creative ways to leverage the technology you have?