Microsoft Partners Create Videos (Maybe): User Generated Content

In a continuation of the Robert Scoble like revolution of self made videos, Microsoft is moving to enable its partners create their own “how-to” videos and post them on a Microsoft web site.
User Generated content – it’s cheap, useful and creates engagement. A sample of what you might see from Microsoft partners is here.
You can find business videos on Cnet and
I was in Home Depot recently and they made announcements soliciting their customers to upload videos of projects to Home Depot’s web site. Why would Home Depot do this? To create a community of their customers and let them feel a part of the Home Depot experience. Building something with your own hands is a wonderful experience – you want to share it with others.
Plain blogs are nice, but nothing beats a great video. It doesn’t have to be all about technology. Rocketboom has a nice daily show about – all sorts of things.
What about your business. Consider creating your own videos – you can post them for free on Youtube or Brightcove.