Networking for Small Businesses

There’s still many businesses who do not network their desktops. They are content to use desktops that are not connected together, but these businesses don’t realize that they are wasting so much time and being incredibly inefficient.

Ramon Ray, editor of, and Alden Levy, VP of JKS Events, Inc. discuss the advantages of networking and share tips on how best to set up your network.
If you are using desktop computers that are not networking here’s some things you are missing out on:

  • You can’t share resources – each computer has to have a printer, scanner and other peripherals. With a network, you can have one printer for 5 or 10 computers
  • You can’t share files – each computer users has to email or use a USB key to share files with each other
  • You can’t share programs. If you use an accounting program you have to install a copy on each computer.