New from Palm: Foleo – Companion to the SmartPhone

Palmannounced today the Palm Foleo, its first smartphone companion product. According to Palm’s press release, the Foleo mobile companion has a large screen and full-size keyboard with which to view and edit email and office documents residing on a smartphone.
Edits made on Foleo automatically are reflected on its paired smartphone and vice versa. Foleo and its paired smartphone stay synchronized throughout the day or at the touch of a button. This powerful combination is for productivity-minded business people who want a more complete mobile solution for email, attachments and access to the web.
Need I say more.
So let’s go over this real slow. We have computers – but they’re a pain to turn on and wait to boot up. We have smartphones, but they’re a pain to type on for long periods of time.
The Foleo bridges both worlds and has an important feature – it keeps data on both devices in synch and the Foleo just “turns on” like your Ipod and other devices do. No long boot up. Way cool.
The Foleo mobile companion turns on and off instantly and features fast navigation, a compact and elegant design, and a battery that lasts up to 5 hours of use. Its applications include email, full-screen web browser, and editors or viewers for common business documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. The Foleo stays synchronized via Bluetooth wireless technology and uses the smartphone’s radio or the Foleo’s built-in Wi-Fi radio for general Internet connectivity.
Foleo mobile companions work with Palm’s Treo smartphones (Palm OS and Windows Mobile versions). However, Palm believes that most smartphones based on Windows Mobile should work with little or no modification. Smartphones based on operating systems from Research in Motion, Apple, and Symbian likely can be supported with a modest software effort. The Foleo’s synchronization architecture is open, and Palm expects to work with third-party developers to support as many smartphones as possible.
Cost: About $500.

One thought on “New from Palm: Foleo – Companion to the SmartPhone

  1. Anonymous

    Ramon, I believe you DO need to say more. Or, perhaps less.
    The Foleo is a dead-on-arrival product. I honestly can’t see ANY reason to but this product when there are full-capability laptops that weigh only a few ounces more. Literally, the only reason for this thing is to have a full keyboard and a decent-sized screen to type you email on.
    Or am I missing something?
    Jeff YablonPresident & CEOPC-VIPPC-VIP.COM

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