Online Document Management with

Don’t you just love simplicity?
Sometimes I get tired of applications that are overly complex and try to stuff every type of tool and gizmo into software. It’s refreshing to see which helps you easily manage documents.

Having documents on a central server is good. Making the files available online, to be able to share with your employees, clients and partners is not hard to do for experts. With document sharing can be implemented by anyone.
Just last week I tried to send a file to someone, it was too large for them to receive or for me to send. A service like would have come in handy. Yousendit is also a nice tool for sending large files to others.
A nice touch that offers is you can add your company’s logo to the shared space.
Being able to access documents on your mobile device is critical for many business users and through you can access documents on your smartphone as well.
Think that’s it? has integrated Zoho, a provider of online document editing, into its service offering. Now, instead of having to download files to your computer and re-upload a new version with changes, simply find the Word document or Excel spreadsheet that you’d like to change and select ‘Edit Document.’ It’s that simple.
This is a powerful feature.
Cost: $20 a month or $200