Palo Alto Changes Leadership: Tim Berry Hands Over to Sabrina Parsons

Palo Alto has been led by its founder Tim Berry since 1988. Now, almost 20 years from that date, Tim is handing the reigns to others:

Sabrina Parsons has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, Noah Parsons has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and Cale Bruckner has been appointed Vice
President, Product Development.
“This is a great time to be a part of Palo Alto Software. There are a lot of
new things on the horizon,” said Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software.
‘With our new team in place we are excited to bring new software capability
to the marketplace. We are especially happy that Tim will be at our side as
we embark on a new path for the company.”

Tim Berry’s job as president is also changing. “As Sabrina, Noah and Cale
take over the day-to-day running and the long-term strategy of the company,”
he said, “I am now going to focus on the business planning and related
content in our products and websites, on representing our company in
speaking and media opportunities, on writing, on teaching and on being
available to help our new executive management team as much as possible in
an ongoing advisory capacity.”