Planning for Growth: Technology Growing Pains

When your business first started out, you might have been a business of 5 persons and everything was just fine. When you need some input on something, you could just swivel around in your chair and talk to your partner.
If you needed to get input on a phone call, simply passing someone a note would do. But now you have 50 people. You hardly see each other. You instant message, from time to time, instead of passing notes. YOUR GROWING.
This is good. On one hand.
However, you’re also finding that the $1500 server you bought 5 years ago, is getting slow and slower. You’re finding that the phone system you bought on eBay is just not cutting it.
Your business is growing but your technology has not kept up.
The WSJ writes One of the biggest balancing acts for small companies is paying for enough tech help to let the business run and grow without overspending in an area that can quickly become very expensive. The challenge is staying one step ahead of your growth while staying within your budget.
The article profiles the growth of a clothing retailer and the struggles they went through in outgrowing their technology infrastructure.
One way to solve this problem is to outsource as much of your technology as you can.

  • Phone system
  • Email hosting
  • File sharing
  • Network security
  • Computer installation and repair
  • Remote computing
  • All of these things can be outside to one or more providers who can easily grow with your needs. If you need to quickly hire 5 new employees – they are going to need computers and telephones. Your outsourced technology providers can do this for you quite easily.
    Some outsourced providers are your local consultants who offer these services. Others are more franchise type establishments such as Centerbeam, Everdream, The Utility Company, Everonit and others.