Presence and Collaboration Apps: The App Explosion is Wonderful

If you’re keeping your head in the “digital sand” and only looking at basic office productivity applications and maybe a smidgen of what Google throws out, your company is really missing out on a wide range of wonderful technologies beyond the traditional ones.

Although some of these technologies might have ZERO applications for your business if you (or someone you appoint) does not try them out, you’ll find that your competition is going to be FAR ahead of you in using technology as a tool to grow your business.
Information Week recently put together a nice list of these tools together. Some of them I’ve tried out and mentioned to you.
Joopz is a way cool way to conduct SMS from your web browser. A cell phone is a great way to SMS with one person, when you’re waiting for them before a meeting or something (well for those who don’t use Black Berry’s), but if you want to communicate with several people via SMS or don’t have access to a cell phone, Joopz is way cool.
Twitter got a lot of blogger attention some weeks ago and it lets you quickly send a short message to a list of people on your Twitter list via email, RSS or SMS.
You’ll find that as you begin to use the Internet, more and more in your business, there’s 2.5 types of people.
1. – Those who get the ‘net and are complete freaks with it. They’ve been blogging for years and are pretty much always onlnie
2. – Then there are those who really don’t get the ‘net, use AOL for email and have not clue about Google Gmail.
2.5 – There’s those who are moderate ‘net users – they use it a lot but aren’t freaks. They’re probably Black Berry freaks though.
If you’re product is broadly focused it’s important that you explore reaching your customers (and employees) beyond direct mail, TV and email. Consider if it’s cheaper and more effective to reach your younger customers on these new media platforms.