QuickBooks Online 100,000+ Customers: Barometer for Small Business Adopting Hosting Applications

Anyone with a heart beat knows that Intuit’s QuickBooks is the leading accounting program for small businesses. It’s used by the most small businesses, compared to its rivals (Peachtree and Microsoft Accounting) and has more add-on software as well.
What’s interesting to note, in this world of “Web 2.0” is that QuickBooks Online has 110,000 customers. Some research firms have studies which show small businesses are not adopting hosting applications that fast. This MIGHT be true, but clearly QuickBooks Online is showing that small businesses will use hosted applications if there’s a clear need to use it. QBOE – shows this clear need.
The Numbers:
Ed Mobraaten, QuickBooks Marketing Manager told me that there’s still a lot of growth in the market for small business accounting programs: 60% still use manual accounting!
Although this figure, 60% is not encouraging, consider the cup “half-full” and not “half empty”.
Salesforce.com and NetSuite two “software as a service companies” for larger business, have 30,000 and 11,000 customers respectively – QBOE has 110,000. These numbers illustrate the growth in the market for hosted applications in the small business sector overall and for QuickBooks Online in particular.
Is it Really for the Web:
An important consideration in your quest for hosted applications for your business is the pedigree of the application. Ed explained that QuickBooks Online was designed from the ground up as a hosted application – it was made for the web. Many other vendors have products make for the PC and try to simply take the code and put it online. You’ll notice the difference.
Like any hosted application, one reason small businesses are flocking to QuickBooks Online is because they can access their data anywhere and easily share that data with others. In addition, QuickBooks Online lets small business owners easily start managing their finances with an intuitive workflow and easy-to-understand language, such as “Money In” instead of “Accounts Receivable.”
QuickBooks has fined tuned its support offering. Customers submit their questions online and indicate if they want a reply via email or phone. Usually in no more than 30 minutes they get an answer back. Call a PC vendor and you might be on hold for 30 minutes, before you get misdirected by an operator.
QuickBooks Online Edition subscriptions start at $19.95 per month for up to three simultaneous users.

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  1. Bruce LeBuhn

    Read through your Report Ö Quickbooks note got my attention and thought I’d provide you with this factoid from Forrester Research regarding “Companies Considering Adoption of SaaS”: Small = 21%, Medium = 22%, Large = 24%. I share your implied view that in this area of the technology/services adoption curve, this space is one where small businesses will not lag too far or for too long behind their larger counterparts.
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