Small Businesses Don’t Want a $5,000 Computer

In an earlier post I asked you to vote on if you would buy a $5,000 notebook computer with premium support. You voted NO.
Over 80% of you expressed that instead of paying a premium for support you’d rather see prices low ($2,000, $1,500 for a notebook computer), as they are now.
On the other hand, consider this. If you are in a hotel, away from the office and your computer dies. Wouldn’t you want someone at your hotel to repair the computer in a short amount of time?
Maybe you don’t want to pay $5,000 for a notebook computer but I would highly suggest you consider paying for premium support. If you buy a $2,000 notebook, paying an extra $500 for ‘gold’ level support can be invaluable.
The type of notebook you buy is important as well. IBM Thinkpads , owned by Lenovo have small drains in the bottom of the keyboard (I’m not sure if all models have this) in case liquid spills on it! What other notebooks have this kind of detail to customer usability.
I’ve been using a Lenovo for almost a year. The keyboard is a bit weak and the screen is delicate but overall – it’s pretty good. My next notebook could be one from HP or a Thinkpad.