Steve Ballmer: Why Software Matters

In the every increasing loud noise of hosted application preaching that software is dead, Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer continues to eloquently make the case and demonstrate why software matters.
I’m a HUGE fan of hosted applications and believe that more and more businesses will rely on online applications (be they from Microsoft, Google or others) and less on software installed on a computer.
Having said that, I do agree with Ballmer, that software is important and will continue to be so, far into the future.
At Software 2007, Steve makes the case for software.
He’s joined on stage by Dassault Systemes a company with a software program product life cycle management. They demonstrated their software’s use in airplane maintenance.
I highly suggest you listen to Steve Ballmer’s video (via ZD Net) to give you a realistic view of software and hosted applications and why the two can work together.
Microsoft’s vision, in large part for its own survival, is to showcase Microsoft Office as the overall foundation for its developers to create new and value-added tools for Microsoft Office. The tools can be hosted – like Office Live or software.