TalkSwitch: Take the Challenge When Buying A Phone System

When looking to purchase a telephone system there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing one. TalkSwitch, a long time leader in telephone systems for small businesses, has created 11 key points to examine when shopping for a new telephone system – they call it the TalkSwitch Challenge.

TalkSwitch says that the points cover areas ranging from the true cost of system ownership to the ease of expansion. It outlines how TalkSwitch stands in those 11 key areas and lays out some important questions that customers should ask vendors before purchasing. It challenges system manufacturers to come out from behind their marketing messages and truly show how their systems stack up to TalkSwitch.
More information about the TalkSwitch challenge, as well as the downloadable 11-point checklist is available here.
The 11 points include:

  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Installation
  • VOIP, Traditional or Hosted
  • Free and Fast Support
  • Dedication
  • Owner Friendliness
  • Phone Freedom
  • Remote Extensions
  • Staying Current
  • Owner Satisfaction