Technology in the Court Room and Beyond

When lawyers want to display exhibits in the court room they traditionally have to hire a photographer and get a printer to print large prints for them to display in court.

Law Technology Today writes that with HP’s large format HP’s DesignJet 130 series printer can printer 24″ prints.
Technology, if used properly is an amazing tool used for more efficiency and productivity.
For example, I wanted to deliver flowers to my mother, who lives in a another country. I can remember years ago, going to my local florist and having them use the florist network (FTD) to deliver flowers. The cost was staggering.
Thanks to the Internet, I found the web site of a local florist, in another country and through Skype called them and did the best I could to confirm their authenticity.
I used my credit card to place the order and save myself $50 – $100 in fees to deliver flowers outside the USA.
What about your business?
Are there things you had been relying on for revenue and only to find new technology erodes that revenue stream?
You must always think strategically about how technology can impact your business – as a revenue generator or in losing revenue.