Tired of Making Appointments? Acuity Scheduling Can Help

Are you in a business wherein clients and customers call you and your staff to make schedules? If this process is manual, you know that the more calls that come in the less time you have to do other things.

What you should consider is an automated online scheduling system.
There a dozens and dozens of online scheduling systems you can use, one is from Acuity Scheduling.
As you might expect there’s a free version with limited functionality, a version which costs $10 per month and the premium version which is a one time fee of $240.
Features include:
Personalized Site
Securely accept Credit Cards
eCommerce Shop
Reminder Email
Client appointment cancellation/rescheduling
Custom intake forms
Schedule years in advance
You can use Acuity’s web site to host your calendar or integrate their calendar into your own web site.