Using Big Companies Marketing Strategies for Small Business Success

One of the hardest aspects of marketing (whether its online or offline – TV, Radio, etc) is knowing what part of your marketing dollars are most effective. Which part of your successful marketing dollars should you invest more in to make your good marketing even more effective.
Large companies invest millions of dollars to get inside the minds of their customers and gain as much intelligence as they can so they can fine tune their marketing to them and maximize their marketing dollars.
Today Ernan Roman Direct Marketing (ERDM’s), is launching a new system to help smaller businesses use strategies that large companies have used for years. ERDM’s 3-Step Opt-In Marketing Process has been used by large (primarily technology) companies and is now priced and scaled to meet the needs of smaller businesses.

According to Ernan Roman, “The reason we can guarantee companies double-digit response is because we have been battle testing and refining this process for 23 years for the leading Fortune companies. It has worked for them and is working now for small and medium companies.”
The key to Roman’s 3-Step Opt-In Marketing Process is the ability to gather uniquely detailed customer self-profiled information which enables companies to deliver the right offer to the right consumer at the right time via their preferred mix of media.
In marketing, getting the process or the “technology” right is important. But if you don’t have the right system in place to drive your marketing system, your marketing won’t work or at least won’t be as effective.
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