Viyya – Virtual Internet Assistant

My Bloglines feeds are over 100, my email intake is insane, my bookmarks ( are bulbing and my web surfing continues in what feels like 24/7. Is there any end?
Viyya might offer a solution. Based in NJ, Viyya Technologies flagship product and namesake aims to take the incoming flood of information you go through via Internet and automate the process for you.
In summary, you tell Viyya what to look for and it keeps vigil on the online sources you configure it for.
A Viyya spokesperson writes that Internet user is in a state of confusion – too much information to handle on a daily basis – Information Overload reduces productivity by overloading the user with useless, irrelevant information.
What can Viyya do:

  • Relieves the overload facing the user by automating routine web browsing, web inquiries and searches while reducing over 50% of your time online.
  • Permits users to extract data from virtually any source: Internet/Intranet Web sites, Weblogs, and RSS News Feeds.
  • Processes the extracted data and: Filters – providing only relevant information Alerts – providing immediate notification of events Schedules – automatically runs processes in background at your selected time intervals.
  • Enables the user to display relevant data in a variety of formats: a separate web window for desktops, PDA, SmartPhones and any MS IE Internet Appliance
  • Stores and processes extracted data for future search and retrieval
  • You Search information by: Keywords – Lists every word archived alphabetically for ease of use in searching; Boolean Expressions – Expressions may use “and”, “or”, “not”, and “near”.
    VIYYA is a web based service – runs on MS IE 5.0 and higher; nothing to download or install. I had a run through Viyya’s demo and it’s a VERY extensive and powerful program.
    If your online information needs are minimal you can problem do just fine setting up keyword alerts with, Yahoo or some other search engine. If you love RSS feeds, you might find that Bloglines or some other RSS reader is just fine.
    However, if your JOB is to know what’s online in a variety of industries and/or across a range of keywords then Viyya is definitely a tool you should consider for your information arsenal.