Voice Broadcast: Voice Shot Can Help

Voice Shot is a service that enables you to send a voice message to a telephone – voice broadcasting, via the web. It’s hard to know the best way to reach people, but having an option for voice broadcast could be what turns a half empty room into one that’s sold out.
Email, RSS and SMS are wonderful – why not add an opt-in list of voice contact customers?
Voice Shot has a lot of features, and I’m not going to outline them all here, however, think about your business and how much more efficient you could be.
Do you have your staff make phone calls to customers, announcing the same thing each week or each month? If so, a service like Voice Shot could save you money by letting them focus on other important things, like sales.
Three of the top features include:
No set up fees, no monthly minimums
With VoiceShot Outbound voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcasting, there are no costly set up fees or minimums call commitments. There are also no charges for busy or non-answered calls. Send as many or as few calls as your project requires and you can test VoiceShot Outbound absolutely free!
VoiceShot does not charge for unsuccessful calls such as busy or non-answered calls. VoiceShot only charges for successfully delivered calls. It’s $.12 per 60 second phone call in the US.
Instant online set up and execution
Create, schedule and launch a full blown call campaign instantly right from the VoiceShot Web Site. Take a survey or a poll, send notifications, reminders or alerts with VoiceShot. Voice broadcasting, its fast and its easy.
Gene Marks of the Mark’s Group alerted me to this service.