Voice Via Cell Phone SMS – Not Text

The ways technology can be used and reused, never ceases to amaze me. We all know and use Short Message Service. Right. Where you send a short message from your cell phone to another cell phone.

What if you want to tell the person something, quickly, but didn’t ant to call and leave them a message. You can now send a VOICE message via SMS. The person receiving the message dials a code into their phone and hears your message.
You might think this sounds like voice mail and it does, but for some people – voice mail is too much of a pain and typing an SMS message while driving is not safe.
Kirusa offers this service and writes that Voice SMS is NOT voicemail. Voice SMS differs from voicemail in the following:

  • Intent. Voice SMS users intend to send a short voice message whereas users who leave voice mail messages intended to speak to the person.
  • Voice SMS is asynchronous, non-disruptive, does not disturb the receiver. A Voice SMS message can be sent anytime, in any language.
  • Voice SMS is sender-centric; Voicemail is receiver-centric.
  • Voice SMS is priced using the SMS messaging model, rather than the voice minute pricing of voicemail.
  • It is easy to reply to a Voice SMS by voice, or by text.
  • Voice SMS can be sent easily to groups.
  • Voice SMS is far easier to use for the sender, and for the recipient.
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