Web Strategy: What Gary Kasporov Can Teach Us

“We are banned from TV, so activists put videos of rallies on YouTube.”
This is such a powerful statement and one so true and illustrative of the beauties of the Internet for enhancing communication. In a free democracy we see these powers for consumer, business and political use.
In a state-controlled environment, like Russia the communication tools of the Internet are used for the advancement of political/social views that are contrary to the government.
We can learn so much from look at the lives of our fellow citizens in repressed governments.
Kasparov writes in Business Week The Other Russia opposition coalition, which I co-founded in 2006, uses the Web to inform and organize. The Kremlin often targets local printers and harasses our activists when they attempt to distribute our newspapers and flyers. But if people know where to look, they can find out about our events online. We also publish coverage of our “Marches of Dissent,” including videos of state security forces attacking our rallies. Since we are banned from TV, YouTube (GOOG ) provides improvised video coverage thanks to dozens of activists. What these citizen reports lack in production values, they more than make up for in honesty and immediacy. And our English-language Web site keeps pressure on Putin by educating the West, whose financial complicity is needed by his government.
If Kasparov can use the Internet to advance his political views in a restrictive Russia, how much more should you be able to advance your message to customers, partners, and employees through the Internet.
Myspace – sure it’s for kids and the “young at heart” but if your customers are there, why not have a web site there
Blogging – you know what it is – you just have not launched yours web
Podcast – you don’t need to wait for someone to interview you, create your own message
Video – Youtube and Brightcove make video archiving as easy as playing with Legos
RSS feeds – makes it so easy to enable others to quickly get your new web content and makes it easy for other web sites to display your content on their web sites
Jump in while the web water’s nice and warm!